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Yerevan State University

Yerevan State University provides high quality educational services to ensure its graduates’ competitiveness in local and global labor market.

To counteract challenges of time and to effectively carry out its educational mission, YSU constantly updates the range and content of its educational programs, uses modern teaching and learning methods and provides effective support to its students.

Significant structural changes have been made in YSU since the mid-1990s. In 1995, YSU revised the structure of its educational qualifications through a two-stage qualification system, undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 2007, the ECTS credit system was introduced in all Master’s programs, and one year later in bachelor’s programs.

At present YSU carries out 60 bachelors, 130 master’s and 70 postgraduate programs, where about 18000 students (13500 Bachelor’s Degree, 4000, Master’s and 400 post-graduate students) are involved, of which about 5000 are in distance learning. The University has 19 faculties, more than 100 general and professional chairs, and one regional branch in Ijevan, with 4 faculties. YSU has about 3000 employees, of which 1,300 are the main lecturers (166 professors, 461 associate professors, 639 assistants and lecturers). 23 academicians and 26 correspondent members of the National Academy of Sciences are engaged in scientific and educational activities at the university. Student-lecturer ratio is 12.5.

The University has its own publishing house and library.